QIOS - query processing system for Web

qios (v0.9) is a system for the manipulation of data from internet data sources. The system is intended to serve as the lightweight kernel of a data manipulation server. It is implemented in Perl.

The design of query execution engine is rooted in the relational techniques for the query optimization and evaluation. The main aims in the design of qios are to provide: the system for the manipulation of larger collections of data in a fast manner, various data manipulation functions from classical querying to data restructuring, and, the capabilities to organize, store and browse the data collections obtained from the Internet data sources on the local host. The system currently provides the interface for XML.

qios v0.9 (alpha) is available as compressed tar file qios-0.9.alpha.tar.gz. Short instructions for the installation are presented in README.


The presentation of the qios query language, database environment, and basic system operations is given in the man pages of qios system. Man pages are used also for the documentation of the qios modules. The text versions of the man pages are:


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