Iztok Savnik

Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Mathematics, Natural sciences and Information Technologies
University of Primorska
e-mail: iztok.savnik@upr.si

Research interests

Databases, query languagas, graph databases, database calculi and algebras.
Data models, semantics of languages, type systems, logic.
Knowledge representation, description logic, CycL.
Programming languages, formal systems, logic of objects.


18/19 Programming II: Concepts of programming languages (2.semester, SLO+ENG, lectures)
18/19 Introduction to database systems (1.semester, SLO+ENG, lectures)
18/19 Data models and languages (1.semester, lectures)
17/18 Programming II: Concepts of programming languages (lectures)
17/18 Introduction to database systems (lectures)
17/18 Database design (lectures)
17/18 Selected chapters from database systems (lectures)
16/17 Programming II: Concepts of programming languages (lectures)
16/17 Introduction to database systems (lectures)
16/17 Theory of programming languages (lectures)
16/17 Selected chapters from programming languages


List of publications
Bibliography in Cobiss


2016: RDF Data Retrieving Apparatus and RDF Data Retrieving Method (Yahoo! Japan Research & UP FAMNIT)

Research projects

2016-: Epsilon triple-store system
2013-: Large-scale graph storage and management (Yahoo! JAPAN Research, Uni Primorska).
2007-: Efficient subset and superset queries (Uni Primorska).
2009-2014: A system for querying Internet data (Uni Primorska).
2007-2010: Semantics of object model. (Uni Primorska)
2000-2001: Knowledge Discovery from Tree-Ring Time Series (DBIS, Uni Freiburg).
1997-1999: MDEP: a program for the discovery of multivalued dependencies from relations (Jozef Stefan Institute, Uni Bristol).
1996-1998: Modeling and diagnostics of complex systems (Jozef Stefan Institute).
1995-1997: Database design for object-oriented production planning and control systems for industrial SMEs, COPERNICUS project (Jozef Stefan Institute).
1993-1999: FDEP: a program for inducing functional dependencies from relations (Jozef Stefan Institute, Uni Bristol).
1993-1996: Data models and design methodologies in engineering environments (Jozef Stefan Institute)).

Industrial projects

2003-2004: ARNES Information System (Academic Reseach Network, Slovenia).
2001-2002: WEB server - statistical data for car database (Slovenia) (Privat company).
2001-2001: Architecture of Application Server Provider (ASP) center for bussiness applications (Privat company).
1997-1998: Methodology for specification of computer-supported production control (IJS, Inea).
1992-1993: Database architecture for the new generation of SI2000 digital telephone exchange systemi (IJS, Iskra TEL).

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