I do a fair bit of computer programming. Computer experiments are often pretty useful in my research.

Big projects

A current project of note is my Mac-based frontend and distribution for the GAP computer algebra system. Easily download and install GAP, easily save and load GAP sessions. also supports XGAP functionality, including interactive viewing of subgroup lattices.
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WinDraft (older, non-mathematical)

A significant project of mine that has nothing to do with mathematics: I did most of the C/C++ coding for the WinDraft document assembly system at Eidelman Associates. WinDraft was a system that made it easy for an expert to build a series of questions, which could be used to automatically create legal (or other) documents. It's kind of like US-based tax software, but more focused on text. Here's a screenshot:

screenshot of WinDraft data entry

For a while, systems based on WinDraft were pretty competitive in the estate-planning space, where WinDraft was used to create complex wills and related documents. You can see a review from back in the day here; and a comparison of WinDraft with some competitors is here.

Here are some other things I've created:

Mathematical code

Other software related to mathematics

Older stuff

These are both from Windows 95 days:

And this one is even older: