If you're a student who is interested in working with me as a research advisee, please drop me an email and we can meet to discuss. As explained at length on my research interests page, I'm interested in combinatorics, with strong relations to group theory and topology, and with applications to certain problems in commutative algebra.

Don't worry if you don't know all the words on the research interests page, although it's helpful if you know some of them!

I also have a number of projects involving building software for mathematics, mostly around the GAP computer algebra system and

PhD advisees

Master's projects and theses

  • Lee Hathcock, Summer 2016 – Summer 2017, Relaxations of the weakly chordal condition in graphs.

    (Mississippi State University master's project)

  • Bonnie Sessions, Spring 2013, EL-labelings of colored graph posets and exponential structures.

    (Mississippi State University master's project)

Undergraduate research projects

  • Besfort Shala, Fall 2020 – Spring 2021, The probabilistic zeta function of a finite lattice.

    (University of Primorska bachelor's thesis — received Srečko Kosovel award from UP)

    Files: thesis paper  /  arXiv:2112.13766.

  • Eva Silađi (Éva Szilágyi), Fall 2020 – Spring 2021, Partitionability of simplicial complexes.

    (University of Primorska bachelor's thesis)

    Files: paper  /  GAP transcript with facets of Poincaré sphere.

  • Bailey Swinford, Fall 2015, Divisibility of binomial coefficients at p=2.

    Files: paper.

  • Ethan Brockmann, Fall 2015, Independence polynomials of claw-free graphs and trees.

    Files: paper  /  Sage code.

  • Joshua Dean, Spring 2014, Homology using linear algebra.

    Files: paper.

  • Jonathan “Yoni” Marshall, Spring 2011, Ramsey theory: from finite to infinite.

    (Washington University in St. Louis honors thesis)

    Files: paper.